A-Z Blog: Hale

"Writers write while dreamers procrastinate." Shannon Hale

One of the days I'm going to write a book. I just need the perfect time. The perfect financial situation. The perfect room. The perfect life...

I have heard words like these ever since I finished the first draft of Whatever you Make of It. I have heard it even more frequently when I held the books in my hands, marveling at something I made. Holding something that used to only exist in my mind, and now exists for the whole world to see and hold and read.

I have also heard "it must be nice to have time to write; I am far too busy for that."

Actually, yes, yes it is nice to have time to write, but, like any of us do...we find/make time for those things that are truly important to us. What we are willing to sacrifice other things for. What we are actually going to do, rather than just talk about doing.

One thing I realized once I made writing a habit...as tired as I get, as exhausted as I am, writing rejuvenates me and restores my soul. I make time for writing because it stabilizes my present, memorializes my past, and ensures my future.

Some people only dream about being a writer. Some of us just get busy writing.