A-Z Blog: Ionesco

"A writer never has a vacation. for a writer, life consists of either writing or thinking about writing." Eugene Ionesco

I missed a day yesterday, which is okay because thankfully April has more than 26 days.

It is very appropriate to write about this quote this week as I am heading to Colorado for a writer's conference on Thursday. This will technically be a vacation as I am teacher-hat free for 4 days...but will not be a vacation by most people's definition of the word. It will be exhausting and rewarding and I am going to just experience as much as I possibly can. I have the workshops and events I want to attend, highlighted on the schedule. I have an appointment set up with an agent to show her my query letter and tell her about my stories. I have my business cards ready. I have my notebooks packed. I have my clothing set aside (not technically packed yet so the kittens don't clue in on what I'm doing).

The question of which project to pack was an interesting dilemma...Lucky Charms of course, which is 3 novels worth of things to work on. Don't Let Go still needs some work on it's first draft, as does Seducing Cupid...and there are my non-fiction projects that I need to do more with and get going as well...

Some people over pack clothes...I over pack things to work on...so no, not a vacation by most people's definition at all. But for me...perfection. Absolute perfection.