A-Z blog: Kafka

"A non-writing writer is a monster courting madness." Franz Kafka

I know I have responded to this quote before in my blog, but it doesn't become less true...and actually with every book I finish it becomes more true...the madness becomes more real...almost tangible...certainly something electric around me and I get twitchy. I get short with people (well shorter than my normal 5"5' anyway). I get moody. I lose my normal peaceful zen.

I try really hard to put pen to paper every day...for whatever amount of time I get. Sometimes it is a half an hour before bed...sometimes it is stolen moments at lunch time...and there is an annoying awareness of the clock, so I can't lose myself completely in my writing, but it keeps the madness at bay...it keeps the monster from taking over...Maybe (if I may geek out for a minute here...) it keeps the Bruce Banner from Hulking out.

I struggle to find balance between my two lives...my teacher life and my author life and it is a constant battle to make sure there is time for both with only the regular, run of the mill, 24 hours in a day. But the results are rather messy (and not fun messy) if I don't continue to fight the good fight and keep the writing in as much of my teacher life as time will allow. Because I don't want to go back to when I put writing on the back burner. Nope. Never again.