A-Z blog: Lamott

"Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor; the enemy of the people. It keeps you insane your whole life." Anne Lamott

I spent almost all of my childhood, my 20's and my 30's trying to be perfect. I was not only sure it existed, but that it was attainable. I was sure if I could just study hard enough...and work hard enough...be the perfect daughter, the perfect teacher, the perfect student, the perfect girlfriend that I would be happy. No one would ever be disappointed in me and life would be...well, perfect.

All it really did was make me stressed out and constantly disappointed in myself.

I wanted to be the perfect teacher. I wanted to never let my students down. (I still don't want to let them down, but I am more realistic about it now).

I didn't want to publish until my draft was perfect. I didn't want to have a single error. I didn't want to disappoint my readers. And what I have realized is that almost every book has an error if you look hard enough. It's not just self-published books, though some people seem to think they are a lesser type of publishing...but there is no perfect draft...and people who think a couple spelling errors take away from the book are obviously not enjoying the story enough to get lost in it. No worries. Not every book is for everyone...but I won't make myself crazy trying to get it perfect. Most of my readers know what I meant and are good with that.

Allowing myself to be the imperfect me that I am...has made me free. Has made me a better teacher, a better author...just a better person all the way around. I haven't tried yet to be the imperfect girlfriend, but I think it will be as freeing as the teacher and author. Watch out world!