A-Z Blog: Morrison

*So,  I was at a writer's conference Friday, Saturday, and yesterday...and I promise to blog about it, after the A-Z challenge is complete and I have had time to process everything*

"Wanna fly? You got to give up the shit that weighs you down." Toni Morrison

Writing makes me fly. It makes me free and it helps me to be more ME than anything else I have ever experienced. Don't get me wrong. I love teaching...but with teaching, I am Ms. Sodaro. I play a role. I play it well, because it is important to me and I love to see my "kids" succeed. Graduation is always an emotional experience for me because as my students walk across that stage, I get a "it's shake and bake...and I helped" kind of feeling. In some small way, I helped them get across that stage. Being a teacher has been an amazing and rewarding career.

I have gotten rid of most of the shit that weighs me down. I have trimmed my contact list to those who truly know me and understand me...who support me and believe in me and are genuinely interested in my life. I have let go of negative energy (well...let's say 98% of the time). I have let go of the expectations and demands of others and have zoomed in on what I need and want in my life. I have focused on positive and peaceful people and emotions and in general, am pretty full of zen. Writing has helped me to do all of this...and the result has been to fly higher than I ever could before.