A-Z blog: Quindlen

"Give up on being perfect and begin the work on becoming yourself." Anna Quindlen

I love the person I have become through the experiences that have shaped me. I love this strong, independent woman I am now, who hasn't let the crap in this world make her too hard to love, too jaded to believe, too frustrated to keep trying. I love how every class I teach shapes me, how every story I write shapes me, how every person I interact with shapes me as well.

I am no where near perfect...but I am perfectly happy with the person I have become. The lessons I have learned were painful, the loss I have experienced is absolute, but they too, have made me who I am today...and I am grateful for the lessons that came through the pain.

My game plan 6 years ago was completely different. I, too, was completely different...but here I am, an imperfect mess, still working toward the dream he put in motion...and I know he would not only be proud of me, but love the person I have become. I can finally say I am proud of me and also love the person I have become. It's about damn time!

Embracing my author life changed everything. It got me no closer to the myth of perfection, but it helped me to learn and show the world my truest self. And it is just going to keep getting better as I get closer to my full-time author life...which will also not be perfect...will have its ups and downs, but will be amazing.