A-Z blog: Rosten

"Every writer is a narcissist. This does not mean he is vain; it only means he is hopelessly self-absorbed." Leo Rosten

Last weekend I got to hang around with so many writers. All writers. All the time. And while I certainly agreed with this quote before I met everyone I met in Colorado, I certainly can attest to this quote's truth. We all wanted it to be our turn to talk about our projects, our stories...us.

If you have ever had lunch with me...you know that I will get my phone out to put something in to Color Notes, some little snippet for a story that if I don't capture, it will disappear.

I love talking about my stories and my characters and what I am working on...and sometimes I forget that everyone might not need to hear about them every day.  (I have some friends who are just as enthusiastic about my novels as I am, so I completely become a babbling fount of excitement around them, which helps me to calm it down a bit around people who are not quite as excited about my novels...but sometimes I forget and when someone asks how I am, I start talking about my books...and they look at me sideways, making me pause to think...wait, what did they actually ask me? Oh...I'm good. Thanks.