A-Z blog: Xinran

"Writing can be a source of strength." Xinran (And a thank you to Goodreads for having author quotes by letter of the alphabet...)

Writing is my ultimate source of strength. It is how I recharge and how I deal with disappointment, joy, confusion, excitement...it is my go-to for everything and I need to remember that.

I need to recharge every day, because being an adult is exhausting. Did you know you have to pay bills Every month? I mean, seriously...EVERY month??? Exhausting. And evidently it takes more than one day of exercising and eating right to lose weight? Exhausting.

Writing is a source of strength for me. It keeps me focused and balanced and more than anything, it renews my faith that I can do this. I want this badly enough. I have more to write, more stories to tell, more characters to meet and introduce to the world.

Writing gives me strength.