A-Z Blog: Zafon

"I always felt that I was a writer, that was what I had to do." Carlos Ruiz Zafon

I have written since I knew how to hold a writing utensil, certainly before I knew the power of words. Reading was always a magical escape for me and when I learned that I could tell a story that would also help me escape, I couldn't write enough. That feeling that I always had more to write, more stories to tell, more characters to meet and introduce to the world.

It's an amazing feeling to know what you are meant to do. I have always known I was meant to be a teacher and a writer and I have loved teaching just as I love writing. As a teacher, I got to help my students find those careers that they are meant to do...and the cycle continues.

As a writer, I get to create stories and characters that will (hopefully) give my readers the same sense of escapism that I have gotten from so many stories.