A-Z Challenge: Atwood

"Unless something has gone disastrously wrong, other people aren't that interesting to write about." Margaret Atwood

One of the things people say to me when I tell them I'm an author, is that their life would make an AMAZING book. "We're talking INSTANT best seller, here. You should write my book."

To be honest, there are a couple of people who, upon hearing parts of their story, I agree with them...that there would be a benefit for people to read this story. My tattoo artist being among these people.

In general, though, the problems I see with this request are as follows:
  1. I have started over 40 projects, between my fiction and nonfiction...though not a single biography in the mix...so, if you are wanting me to write your story, you may be waiting a minute or two until I get more things of my own off my plate.
  2. When I ask you to tell me a bit about your life that you think would make it such a best seller, your response is "trust me, it would blow your mind if I even told you about it." Um...not even sure how I would write the story if you won't even tell me about it.
  3. Memories are indeed tricky misters. They are not always reliable or verifiable. We tend to make ourselves the hero of our own novels, make our struggles more intense, our victories more awe-inspiring, etc.
When I write, there are certainly bits and pieces of people and their stories in my novels...things I have collected like baseball cards over the years -- ex-lovers, friends and family members -- current and past, but they will be fictionalized and amped up for the sake of the story.

So if you tell me to write your story, I will more than likely politely decline, though I will help you write it yourself, if that is an interest of yours.