Addiction to Writing -- Just Embrace It (A-Z Blog)

Hi, my name is Michelle, and it's been three minutes since I have written, talked about writing, or thought about writing (at any given moment one or more of those is always true). "HI Michelle"

Now, of course, I know that an addiction to writing is not the same as what most people think of when they hear the word addiction, and I mean no disrespect to anyone who has worked through or is working through any harmful addiction. In all honesty, my need to write has helped me to have more understanding for other addiction (an understanding I have truly needed to be able to heal from past hurts). As soon as I started writing every day, I understood needing a fix.

In actuality, if I go too long without putting pen-to-paper (yes, I have heard of those new things called computers -- thank you). I get really short with people. As my teaching job has me dealing with people, it is also appreciated by those who have to be around me, if I get my daily fix.

My addiction to writing is a healthy one, which is where, of course, the comparison to substance or gambling addiction ends, because I will never stop writing. I will continue to write every day as long as I am able to do so. The best piece of advice I ever read for the writing process was to start writing and keep writing. Embrace the addiction.

My addiction to writing has ended some relationships, guys who were jealous of my writing time (which is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds) and others who have wanted me to fail as an author to make more sense of their own I see the  connection to addiction there too, (though again it's opposite).

The main thing I can say about being addicted to writing is that, to be a writer, it has to go past "I like writing" and past "I love writing." Like and love can fade. You have to get obsessed with writing. You have to be addicted to the written word -- writing it and reading it. So many authors have said it, and so do I -- If you can walk away from it, you probably should. there are far easier ways to live your life...but if you can't walk away from writing...then embrace the addiction and enjoy the ride.