Ah...Spring...fickle fickle girl

So Friday was the first day of Spring for 2015 and I have to say, it was the perfect example of what the first day of Spring should always be...the kind of day I would put in any novel that had its setting during Spring. It was in the 50s, sunny, windy, and just all-around yummy.

It should be a rule that the first day of Spring is not only a National holiday, but also has to be sunny and spring-like. think about how great that would be -- we all had a day to just pause from our busy lives and just enjoy the sunshine. More than likely, I would fill my day off with writing just as others would, no doubt, fill it with laundry or chores or all of those things we never seem to have enough time to get done...more than likely kids would take to their bicycles just as adults would take to their motorcycles -- all of them needing to feel the the sunshine and warm breeze on their faces -- to feel alive again after the dreariness and grayness of the winter.

What if wars could pause, greed could be forgotten, and all the idiotic reasons people are cruel to each other could just take a break on the first day of Spring and the whole world could get what Goldilocks wanted -- a day that was not too hot and not too cold and was just right...just the perfect day.

Okay, is there any question I spend a LOT of my time writing fiction???