And back at it...

Wherever my "laurels" are, you won't catch me resting on them for long. I could get too used to weekends of video games and movies far too easily (I miss World of Warcraft so much...LAN parties and crap food and all my guys in one place...sigh) Yeah, I could go back to that world too easily. But as odd as it sounds, there is no future for me in video games (trust me, I have checked this a LOT to make sure it's true)...there IS however, a future for me in my novels, so it's back to "work" (I have to put it in quotes...I enjoy every painful and fun part of it too much to really think of it as work -- there are others who would say it can't be called work because I don't get a paycheck...just wait for paycheck is coming. I know this).

So now it is time to get to work on Redeeming Trust, which is one of few first drafts I have done (I don't say that to sound vain or like I am trying for the 'oh poor me, look at my first drafts'). For years, i just wrote...not stopping to edit or polish or FINISH anything. (It turns out, and I was my own case study on this, if you don't finish a novel or project, you have absolutely ZERO chance of being a best-selling author.) I have years of data to back up my statement.

Then I published Jac and Jyn's story in Whatever you Make of It...and I knew...I want EVERY single novel of mine to have a pretty cover and filled pages. SO it's back to work.

Now I get to "work" on getting Redeeming Trust finished so that Ali and Officer Biceps can sit next to Sam and Ben on the shelf.

In Broken Trust I said the sequel would be out in September 2015.

Get to work, Sodaro.