So there is an excitement in my head right now...well 99% of the time it's pretty crazy inside my head...but it's especially crazy right now with Arianna's Destiny DONE and waiting for Friday so I can send it off to the next step (the step where my "work" on her is done and it shifts to promoting and selling), there has been a very distinct and specific SHIFT in my thinking. All of the characters that get to hang out with Arianna on a daily basis (and yes...she would be FANTASTIC to hang out with, trust me if you don't know for yourself), but all of her crew have shifted off to the side to allow the next project to be front and center in my mind. When the center position was emptied of Arianna and Peter and Davey and everyone else (no spoilers :D), the spot was filled to the absolute fullest it has ever been, with the next project...because this next project has a definite 3-book span with 10 characters who will be consistent throughout the three books and then the characters that will be added in as the series fills its pages. That is a lot to keep straight in my head. Especially because the books closely follow each other in time...and my goal is to have them closely follow each other in publication as well. So I have been working on all three of the books in the series at the same time (don't worry, I have a cheat sheet as to what has and hasn't happened, who has and hasn't been met, and what is and isn't coming up :D). The challenging part was keeping the three stories straight with their 10 + characters straight AND working on finishing up Arianna's Destiny at the same time. Even I have limits to how many things I can focus on at the same time and when my characters over lap this much, chaos can ensue. So Arianna is done. (It feels so good to say that.) Now it is time for me to focus on my Lucky Charms series with First Down, Stealing Second, and Hat Trick completely in my center of focus (which is not to say I won't write on other things if I feel so inspired, it just means that I will write and work on one of these three every single day. They will be the next ones for me to get ready for the world and then the shift in my head can happen again :D