An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but with me…and most true writers, getting some writing in every day keeps the straight-jackets away. This has been an interesting aspect of my life as my Author Life has become on the front burner beside my Teacher Life rather than remaining content to be on the back burner as something I dabble in from time to time. The day I held Whatever You Make of It for the first time, changed everything...this was no longer a hobby...this was a future career. It used to be I would be "fine" (those of you who know me best know how liberal I am being with that word) as long as I wrote a couple times a month, which changed to a couple times a week, which has now become every day. I need my Apple...and by Apple, I mean pen to paper time. I get even weirder than "normal" if I don't get daily Apple time. I'm not making this up to try to sound coworkers have told me they can see a difference when I have had writing time (they also tend to stand a little farther out of arm's reach when it is obvious that I have not had my Apple). It is like anything else. There are people that exercise every day and I am in awe of them and hope to one day get to the point that I can exercise far more consistently than I do, and perhaps I will get to the point, just as I did with my writing that I feel off if I haven't done any exercising every day. Maybe I will get to a point where exercise will become a second Apple and I think that would be fantastic...and I see it as a possibility which is an improvement, small though it may seem. I love that I NEED to write every day...that it has an actual effect on my life...that I can feel the healing occur as soon as the words start to flow out of the pen onto the paper. It is a fascinating thing indeed....I could not be happier that writing has become the Apple I need every day...especially since I am no longer able to eat real Apples :D