Are you Happy?

So there is a countdown going on and yesterday was 451...451 days...(for those of you who don't feel up to counting this morning, that brings us to 12/31/17...and's not the end of the world as we know it...but it is the end of a world I know and have known far too well for far too long.)

With yesterday being 451, I thought about the wonderful book (Fahrenheit 451) by Ray Bradbury throughout the day...even going so far as to get out my well-worn, well-loved copy and flip through...catching a phrase here and there and smiling about this part of the book or that. Because I have taught this book and because I have loved this book, there are underlined passages throughout...and this one seemed to jump off the page at me...(not literally...I haven't lost my last 3 marbles, thank you...but figuratively)


Well...that really is THE ultimate question, isn't it...And wasn't that what started the whole countdown business anyway...I have always been a believer of pursuing things that make you happy. If something is making you unhappy, either change the situation or change your feelings about the situation.One of my biggest pet peeves are those people who just complain and complain and complain and never change a single I am always watchful of my own actions. If there is something I am complaining about...what have I done, what am I doing to fix it.

Are you I'm working on it. Trust me.