August Goals

My biggest goal for August, is of course, to get the 2nd draft of Redeeming Trust done. I have some chapters to add and some details to flush out. Need to give it an ending worthy of Ali and the others. And since this set definitely only has the 2 books (Broken Trust and Redeeming Trust) the ending really has to stick the landing (and that completes the entirety of my gymnastics knowledge). So getting this sequel to a solid 2nd draft is goal number one.

My second goal is to get Stealing Second (of the Lucky Charms series) to Chapter 25. (I have just barely started Chapter 20, as a point of reference).

I am going to start water aerobics and go back to no (or very very little) pop.

Finances need some help as well. Fell off my budget a bit and need to fix some things.

I am going to start sending Broken Trust off to some agents, because if I don't ask, the answer will always be no.

I wrote a short story about Sam and Ali that I will polish up and send out to magazines.

I have two nonfiction projects I want to make some progress on for publication later on this year.

I want to live more fearless and put myself out into the world more...but don't worry. I will leave a trail of gummy bears to find my way back and not get lost.