August Refelction

And the 8th month of this year comes to a close. I am making progress on multiple projects, have (mostly) eliminated the drama in my life, and have started to come up with a game plan to rebuild my life. I am asking for help and am re-forming relationships I have taken for granted for too long.

I am back on a writing schedule and am getting better at ignoring my phone when it is my designated writing time. (It helps that my phone case covers the front of my phone and when the phone is on silent, it doesn't let me know about any notifications -- fewer distractions = more focused project time.

I am focusing more on finishing projects -- turns out that is the only way to get projects off my plate, the only way my projects will get out into the world (and consequently they only way they can put any coins in my pocket). So finishing things is important.

I am also getting more organized. Getting things ready for a strong finish to 2015 and an even stronger, more productive 2016.

I am grateful for where I am in my various projects and will keep on trucking along to get things done in a timely manner. Don't slow down, Sodaro. Don't you dare. Not again.