Baby Steps

This morning I drank a Special K Protein shake instead of grabbing a donut. Not monumental, but a baby step.

I bought a walk-workout DVD and have done it 4 days in a row...I didn't do it yesterday because of work and such, but I still reached my step goal according to my fitbit.

I didn't do as much typing on the last 5 chapters of Redeeming Trust as I wanted to yesterday, but I did do some.

It is only 2 weeks into the 40 Days of Lent, but I haven't had any pop or candy yet. I'm holding strong, which is better than I have done any previous year.

I can't pay all the bills I need to this paycheck, but I am paying some and doing what I can.

I don't have completely peace of mind, but I am getting closer and am focused and motivated.

I am behind on most things in my world, but am catching up and making progress as I can.