Baby steps to big girl author pants

One of the goals I have made for myself is to more fully embrace my author life and more proactively go after what I want for that life, while still enjoying and participating fully in my teacher life -- having more balance between the two so that I do better in both as they do feed off of and sustain each other (ah...the life of a Gemini).

So one of the baby steps I have taken is to direct my focus on finishing one project (Redeeming Trust) before staring to edit another project (Lucky Charms series, more specifically First Down). As of this blog, and thanks in large part to having yesterday off (thank you Dr. King) I have typed approximately 70% of Redeeming Trust's edits and hope to have it off to my reader this coming weekend. (Fingers crossed that my teacher life tasks cooperate with that goal).

Another baby step is to have daily interaction with my other projects. There are two which are a light/dark daily journal/blog type of story that focus on one newspaper article (which hey, also makes me read bits of the daily paper, so go me for personal growth). I also have daily reflections and such and my favorite part, which is using the prompts from Monica Wood's The Pocket Muse to write on whichever of my 42 adult fiction projects that pop into my mind for that day's prompt (the prompts don't work as well for children's book projects or short stories I have started).  This is a good baby step, because even though it seems like a distraction, it helps me to touch base with my other projects and when it gets to be their turn, I have prompts to help with the plot line.

And the final baby step I have done recently is to set up a checking account just for my will get a portion of my teacher paychecks (until of course it grows up and can be self-sustaining). steps, but still making forward motion.