Bird by Bird

Chances are, if you have talked to me about writing or have read my blog for a bit, you have heard me sing the praises of Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. Hands down one of the best books I have read about writing, and one that can be applied to anything we want to accomplish.
Take things Step by step, bit by bit, day by day, and yes, of course, bird by bird.
My author life is forthcoming. I KNOW this as certainly as I know my full-time teaching career is in its final years. People ask me how I can say I KNOW this (it's hard for people to see because it's not tangible's okay. It will be. Just watch, and don't try to keep me down or hold me back just because you can't see what I see).
As I am thinking about the gradual transition from teacher to author, I keep getting completely overwhelmed by everything I need to do to get my author life where it needs to be. There is just SO MUCH to do and my full time teaching career keep me pretty busy all by themselves. And I just get overwhelmed...and then I remember to breathe.
What makes Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott one of my all-time favorites is that she reminds me, I don't have to have my ENTIRE author life set up today, but I can do something today to work toward setting up my author life. I can do something every single day to work toward that goal.
I can write or edit on my lunch break (thus reminding me to actually take one).
I can blog or reach out to other authors.
I can write in the evenings and on the weekends.
I can create a newsletter and a webpage.
I can read a book and write a review.
These are just a few things from my list (are we really surprised I made a list??) of things that I can do to work toward my author life.
I don't have to do everything on my list in one day; however, I can do something on my list every day.
And then I'll get there...bird by bird.