Broken Trust Update

So I have been working hard to type the edits of Broken Trust that I made. The changes I made were to have a stronger male character...Ben. I liked Ben as I like all of my characters, but he left me wondering if he was good enough for Sam. She was strong and really deserved a love that would inspire her art. He wasn't there...he wasn't strong enough, he wasn't brave enough...he just wasn't "enough" for her. Sam was strong. Ali is so strong she barely stays on the page, and I can't wait to take her story on in Redeeming Trust, which is my next revision project, after I get Broken Trust out into the world.

I have typed through chapter 33 so far...there are (of course) 40 chapters. I am going to type tonight as far as I can and hope to be able to send them off to my reader and my editor. I have had so many people volunteer to be my reader...and I love it...but there is always the danger of too many cooks in the kitchen...too much advice before it's published. My reader is one who doesn't pull any punches and tells me about any plot holes I have. She makes my final revision so much easier, as does my reader who is focusing on grammar.

Tomorrow, I will work on the set up I need to do with BookBaby and look at the cover and things I need to do. I am making progress...and continuing to streamline the process.

Broken Trust  is getting closer and closer...I can't wait to share it with all of you. I can't wait for you to meet Ben, Sam and Ali.