Cautiously Optimistic

Sometimes things make sense and you have a good overall feeling about them. Maybe it's sending a novel to my reader and my editor...and maybe it's having a beer with a friend...maybe it's having a job that you appreciate that reciprocates that appreciation...maybe it's deciding you're not afraid to take that next step and knowing that you are headed in the right direction because it all makes sense.

I turn 40 in a couple of months and in my time on this planet I have learned that some times things are going in the right direction and you have to just ride it out and trust in things and people. It's hard to do...sometimes it's hard to do with the fictional characters I created in my head for my novels...sometimes they don't do what they are supposed to do, but sometimes their ideas are even better than my game plan. Sometimes this happens with real people too...sometimes they surprise you...sometimes it's even in good ways. (haha)

I have discovered the benefits of being cautiously optimistic. Not looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, those have long since been stripped away, but being hopeful about a future I am working hard to make a reality. Not trusting every person I come across, but still having enough trust for those who haven't yet broken it. My eyes are wide open, and I am very cautiously optimistic about my life right now.