Character Birthdays

So, I don't know if you know or not, but I'm a Gemini...ha ha, yup an emotional twin and a logical twin who never seem to agree on anything -- they never like the same job or same boy which is why teaching and writing work well to appease both twins...and as far as both twins not liking the same boy, well there's a reason I haven't gotten married yet...but I digress.

So I was reading about writing (I know, shocker) and they were talking about how their characters had not only birthdays but personalities affected by their sign of the zodiac...and I have to admit was intrigued...and I think it is definitely something I need to contemplate for the characters in my future novels. (Jac and Jyn lived in an alternate universe in Whatever you Make of It and Arianna would not care about zodiac signs or horoscopes and she certainly would not accept the fact that the placement of the stars had any effect on people's actions or not needed for my first 3 novels, but it might fit in well with Broken and Redeeming will definitely play a role for my Cupid series, and it may even make an appearance in the Lucky Charms series with all the other superstitions that are already in there.

Hmm...yes, indeed, this is a layer that is needed in some of my stories.