Come on...we have work to do

A little over four years ago, a friend I loved dearly, got me to embrace the idea that if I truly wanted to be an author, then I should do exactly that. Then he lost a battle to his inner demons and after he died, I didn't know how I could possibly be the author WE had made plans for me to be. How could I possibly do this all by myself? My beautiful muse has been in my life forever, but I never saw her clearly and I never knew her name until that day I hurt so much I thought I would never stop hurting. She let me cry for a bit, as good friends do. I felt her presence and her pats on the shoulder and then she said, "there there, come on now -- we have work to do." And there she was -- my beautiful purple fairy muse, named Stella, and she was right -- we had all kinds of work to do. Prior to that day, my relationship with Stella had been rather precarious, mostly because I would "play at" being an author. I would only write when inspiration hit; I was easily distracted by shiny things or video games (World of Warcraft was by far the SHINIEST of all distractions). But I would wait for inspiration to hit and she would threaten to leave me, even grabbing her tiny suitcase (which lost its threat when I realized it was empty.) She wanted me to be completely on board with my author life and that meant showing up every day to work...not just waiting for the days I felt inspired. That meant grounding myself from WoW (which I miss so much). That meant getting my butt in the chair and getting my words on paper. My goal is 1500 words a day. Some times I make my goal, some days I go over, some days I can't get it done. But every morning, I hear Stella in my head, "Come on now, we've got work to do." Yes we do.