Comfort Zones

The thing about staying where you are comfortable, is that you will never get anywhere new...Pretty profound, I know.

If you have ever hung out with me, you know it is usually very difficult to get me to try a new place, or even to try something new at an old place...part of that is my reluctance to try anything "weird" and my very full list of what qualifies as "weird"

As 2015 comes to a close, I am realizing I need to branch out from what is comfortable. I need to continue writing and finishing my novels, of course...let's not get silly...but I also need to publish some poetry, some essays, some non-fiction bits, maybe even some risque material...I need to do MORE and I need to cover a broader spectrum to get my name out there more and finish more of the projects I have started.

I need to take a class because it's interesting to me and something I have never studied before.

I need to network and promote my writing outside of my circle of friends, who are amazingly supportive and give me the strength to take this step.

I need to go to NEW places and meet NEW network my books, yes...but also to potentially meet someone I would want to, I don't Turns out nothing good comes from thinking that Mr. Right will come knocking on my door like a door-to-door salesman...though fictionally, it is a neat idea.

I need to try new foods...but not sushi, let's not get crazy here. Not yet.