Coming off of a high

In my 41 years on this planet, I have never been chemically "high" and can count the number of times I would consider myself "drunk" on one I have no actual basis of comparison for this. I wanted to start with that disclaimer.

Friday 16 September, I had my 2nd book signing...and it was amazing. A day...all about me and my beautiful books. I got my curls "fixed" (as much as the fantastic mess on my head can be called "fixed") and wore make up and dressed up and got to celebrate my books with friends and fans. I have some new readers, which is always fun as the hope is that they like what they see and come back for more. I was without a doubt...high as a kite and probably rather obnoxious to be around...more so than usual.

Then my book signing was over and I was putting my books back into my office closet and I came down from the high...I spend an entire Sunday watching Netflix. I didn't even pick up a pen. those of you who know me...know how huge that is. And normally when I am watching TV, I am multitasking...writing, working on notes, editing, etc. I never just "sit" and watch shows. but I did, for a whole day (until it was time to log in for grading). I felt tired and listless (and again those of you who know me, if you will pardon the pun, I am always list FULL). I just didn't feel like doing anything at all...and my future as a full-time author felt so far away...too far away to ever get here. And reality seemed just too much to deal with...

Throughout the week, I got my bounce back...worked on First Down and Stealing Second...and started fearlessly pursuing my author life again...but for a day...I didn't care about anything and didn't DO a damn thing.