Continued Progress

"I am a slow walker, but I never walk back." Abraham Lincoln

So, as of today I am still pop free...3 weeks and counting. I did smell a friend's pop the other day, but didn't take a drink. I have started walking, slowly but surely, making progress. My goal is 50 miles a far this month, I have about 6...but it's a start.

And I am now through chapter 27 of Broken Trust and I have to's a much stronger story now than it was before. I have learned a lot in the 3 novels I have published and with each novel I complete, the process becomes easier, the progress becomes more steady and consistent, and I know more of what to do next time. My character, Ben, in Broken Trust, has really done some major growing and has become a more 3D person instead of the flat character that he seemed to be in the original draft. I will finish up the editing of the last 14 chapters...give a strong tease for the sequel Redeeming Trust, type up my changes and then send it to my first reader, who has been anxiously awaiting this novel...I think she loves my characters even more than I do. I will also give it to my editor...a new addition to my process...who can catch those little blips that I have missed in my multiple readings of the novel. The cover is ready...have to do a little tweaking for the specifications of BookBaby, and then it is off to the presses...I love this time of the process...when the release is in sight. It's an amazing feeling to know that the story is ALMOST ready...the characters have BEEN ready for a while now...but everything happens when it is supposed to, and I have learned, more than any other lesson, to trust the process.

It's so close!!!