Creative hangover

So over Thanksgiving break, I wrote for 8 hours a day for 4 days in a row. Yes I did that math...that's quite a bit of writing. I went into work on Monday and a friend remarked how amazing I looked. I was positively glowing and looked so relaxed and refreshed. It's pretty easy to look refreshed and relaxed when you spent the last 4 days doing what you love.

The hard part, is coming down off of that natural, creative high. (I have heard people can also experience this with running, but I suspect it's just a rumor). The hard part is focusing on the details of reality when you have been bouncing back and forth between fictional worlds (most of it spent in pajamas...why do I have to wear real pants??? ). Getting back to the real world after 4 days of fiction, which, let's face it...usually makes a lot more sense than reality.

One of these days...this will be my reality and I will spend my days writing and editing and polishing and publishing (and likely teaching part-time because I don't know that I can ever truly walk away from my first love) and maybe then the coming down from the creative high won't be as extreme...but right now I am crashing hard and want to sleep and hide out from the world...I also want another "fix" as all I can think of is going back to my fictional worlds. I wasn't quite ready to leave.