Day 10 of Gratitude: NaNo

So NaNo 2017 is 1/3rd of the way through. Sadly, I am not one-third of the way to the 50k...but today, In an glad to say I made it back to writing.

Last week I moved and this week was beyond crazy with both jobs...I was getting swirly because all my things are not under the same roof and all of those things were making writing rather difficult. *note to self, don't pack in October to move at the beginning of NaNo.*

Tonight...I put it all away. I got work done for my jobs and I picked up my pen and finished Chapter 3...and will start Chapter 4 when I finish this blog. I am back on task with my will take some major writing, but it is still *possible* for me to hit 50k in the 20 days remaining.

Wish me luck...