Day 17 of Gratitude: Writing utensils

I tend to use up pens and pencils on a fairly regular basis. I think of them as my soldiers in my battle against the blank their all to get the novel written. *I really like those pens and pencils where I can see if there is enough ink or lead for me to finish my chapter...because while I have gotten rid of some of my OCDs (I no longer have to start down stairs on my left foot- I can just go with which ever do it's turn it is) I can't have a chapter half blue and half black...and if a pen or pencil gives its all mid-chapter, I have to finish with an ink or lead that is the same color and thickness so that it looks like it blends together.

After I have used up all the ink or lead, and yes I know I could buy those ink replacements and packages of lead, I don't want to a transplant to prolong life. This noble writing utensil has given its deserves the rest. I say a little ceremonial thank you for its sacrifice and throw it away to its final resting place.