December goals

Ah is it even possible that you are the calendar page I see...

So I have some things I need to accomplish before December turns its page...

First Down needs to come out. I have received two very powerful in a missed call that was logically a wrong answer, but struck me to my core regardless and two in an email from someone I have never met who told me I had a great future in writing...well okay then, let's do this.

I have two favors (one from an ex-coworker and one from an ex-student) to work on...writing a bit for each of those.

My NaNo project...I need to continue to explore my life over these past two decades.

A friend told me I need to embrace my dorkiness and just let it that is on the list.

Need to make resolutions for 2017...On the list, of course, is to publish four books, bringing my total to 10...need to get more tattoos...since they are connected to the books. Need to figure out what things mean and who Michelle Sodaro, author is, and what she wants.

Time to get busy, Sodaro.