"Delusions of Grandeur make me feel a lot better about myself." Jane Wagner

Where would we be without our delusions...where would we be when someone said, "It's not you; it's me." What would we have to face if not for the comfort of our delusions?

Similar to yesterday's post, I think authors need their delusions. We all want to believe that our story is unique enough to be worth telling, that our characters are unlike any other characters that currently exist in the multitude of fictional worlds that have been published. Ahhhhh sweet delusions.

The reality is there are no original stories...just little twists and turns and minutiae detail that makes this story or that one stand out.

Characters are archetypes. The reluctant hero...the bad guy turned good, the once-burned, twice shy female, the star-crossed lovers, the misunderstood youth, the wise, slightly crazy older is all a matter of believing we can put the characters into different enough scenarios to seem original and the delusions keep us writing more books.