So, anyone who has tried to hold a conversation with me knows that I am rather easily distracted...shiny things are a nemesis of mine and by "shiny things" it could be anything from a new pen, a pretty color, anything that moves, anything that doesn't move, and actual SHINY things...in fact as I typed that sentence, I was distracted by my cup, my phone, and the fan...so it's a pretty common occurrence for me to be distracted. I imagine it's also fun for people who have tried to keep my interest...and I say fun for them because I would hate to think that it wasn't fun. :D There are some things in life that are good distractions. Chats with friends and people who have the potential to become friends. Chats with a crush are good distractions (and fodder for the stories...as are the chats with friends, and strangers, and chats I am not even involved in but am able to hear...). Watching people...EXCELLENT distraction, and again "research" for stories. Reading a book is one of the best distractions for a writer because you get to see how other people do dialogue and setting and character development and such...same with television shows (not "reality" where dialogue is less real than it is in any other aspect of life). There are some things in life that are bad distractions. Games...I had to let go of playing my video games because time spent leveling up was not time spent writing or working on PhD...and I miss them, but I love my novels and my future degree a lot more. Now if I could just get my games off my phone, I would be much better off. Facebook is a distraction...but a necessary evil...Law and Order marathons are a distraction...as are NCIS marathons, Law and Order SVU, etc...but those are necessary also sometimes...it's nice to be able to have the brain go numb sometimes to just be entertained. I want to have fewer negative distractions to my writing. I want to talk to friends and crushes and enjoy the play of words. I want to read books and watch shows that don't make my brain cells want to kill themselves. I want to be more productive and not so distracted...but there are so many shiny things in life that it's tough, but we all do the best we can, even with the ....OOOH, look...SHINY!!!!