Doing better as an author pt 2.

So in an effort to grow my author life...I have faced some fears and broken out of my comfort zone.

I have entered my novels and a short story into competitions. It's scary, to put your children out into the world...knowing all that can happen out there. But they can't live in my closet forever. The world deserves to meet Sam and Ali and Jac and Jyn. My fictional "kids" have been ready for years...and it's time for me to let them out to play with people outside my head and my amazing support system.It's time.

I have been to my first writer's conference and have been among my "people" breathing in the inspiration and energy. For 4 days I introduced myself as an author...and because I was among other authors, there wasn't the follow-up "but what do you do for money" because we all knew the goal was to make money with the books.

I have a PO Box to have more professional relationship with my readers.

I have a separate writing account used only to fund my dreams.

I also have note cards that advertise publication of my next 5 novels. Between now and 12/31/17 I will double that number of publication credits.

Slowly but surely, I am building my empire. Some people don't believe I will accomplish my goals...but one day I will be waving to them...from my island.