Doing better at this author thing

I have been doing a lot of thinking of where I was both physically and "authorily" a year ago compared to where I am now. (Without a doubt, I am in all ways measurable in a better place now).

The advancements I have made as an author are really the most tangible (and those steps I have taken are the direct result of all that has happened in the past year.)

I now have my 5th book out. Redeeming Trust  was originally promised out last September, but I had some people to meet and experiences to go through before she was truly ready for her close up to the world.

I have my three-book series, Lucky Charms, on deck (pun intended). The game plans is October for First Down, December for Stealing Second, and March for Hat Trick.

I now have a Post Office box. I have, for the first time in my life, some actual roots to a city. Baby steps, I know, but I finally feel at home somewhere.

I have started the initial planning for my 2nd book signing. Details to follow.

I am restocking the shelves of my various novels. Turns out, it is harder to sell them if I don't have any on-hand.

As much as I have enjoyed my full-time teaching career, I am actually making some plans to be able to see an end in sight (525) to be an author full-time.

Yeah, I am in a much better place in every aspect of my life and looking forward to where I will be another year from now.