doing something right...

Robert Frost said, "No tears in the author; no tears in the reader. No surprise in the author; no surprise in the reader."

I think this is absolutely true...I have always said that I write novels I would l like to read with characters I would like to meet. And so far...I have.

It's always a mystery to me...the process that I go through...there are times when I am writing the first draft and I am not even aware of the words I am putting on the page. My characters act out the scene in my mind and I just work to keep up...These are the scenes that I very seldom have to change much on in the revising/editing phase...and I love these scenes!!!! (There are also scenes where it is a fight to put one word down after another, where I am very aware of the characters staring at me as if it was my first day...these are the scenes that take A LOT of polishing, changing, deleting and starting over).

So far in my novels, there have been a few scenes in each one where I am cheering along with or crying along with my characters...where I am yelling out YES!!!!! YES!!! WAHOOOOOO!!!! There are also scenes where I am screaming NOOOOOO!!!!!! And these scenes let me know I am doing things right. If the scenes can still affect my emotions even when I wrote them and know what is coming next...know how it all works out...then hopefully, they will affect my readers in the same way (from the people who have read and talked to me about Whatever you Make of It, Arianna's Honor, and  Arianna's Destiny their reactions have been similar to mine, so again, I must be doing something right.