So, recently I finished the first draft of First Down (and the crowd inside my head went wild). My goal was to have the novel written before the end of 2014 and I got it done with three days to spare and it was an amazing feeling, as it has been with the completion of my other first drafts. Now comes the editing, polishing, and publishing. (The goal currently is the end of February/beginning of March).

A friend of mine, while congratulating me on the completion of my draft, said "it must feel good to be done writing," and I just looked at him for a minute. Now I consider myself to have a pretty good vocabulary, but this word "done" that he mentioned threw me for a minute. Done. Hmm...nope...searched my mental dictionary. I have no clue.

I have taught for 18 1/2 years now, and at every teaching job I have ever had, including the one I have and enjoy now, we don't actually have a "done" with our work...there is just 'done for today' or 'done for now,' because we know there is always tomorrow to do more, and likely new things to add to the list of things to do. It is kind of a running joke among teachers. "Done" never means completely finished. Tomorrow's another day to make a dent in my to-do pile.

On the creative side of my life, writing, also, is never completely "done." The first draft of First Down is written, so the writing portion is "done" by there is still a lot of work to do on that novel, but even more so, there is always more writing to do :D which makes sense as this is my future.

And the beautiful cycle of this author's life continues. Love it.