Dec 06, 2015 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
Some times I feel like two separate people. No, don't worry...I don't lose time (well, sometimes I have stared at my laptop screen for an hour with  no comprehension of what I am grading). I am not saying I have multiple personalities (well I do hear voices, but they are my muse and characters) Hmm...I don't think that I am pleading my case well -- let me try again. All I want to do is write and work on my novels. The ONLY exception of this is when I am teaching (erm...let me clarify -- when I am interacting with students who truly want to learn and who are in school for the right reasons -- not getting on a soapbox here, just needed that clarification). I love conversations via email or face to face where there is intellectual curiosity and mutual respect. When this happens at my teaching jobs, it's the ONLY time I am okay doing something that is not a part of my author life. I want to do more with my writing. I would love to teach creative writing again, where my two passions could intermingle...but not full-time because that would take away from the creative energy I need to write MY projects. I used to feel almost as if Ms. Sodaro, teacher and Michelle Sodaro, author were two completely separate people. But as I have become more comfortable in my own skin -- and realized the things I do care about as well as those things about which I could not care less (ah Grammar, I do love you), there has been more of an overlap between the two careers and the person I am. This realization has made me a better teacher, a better person, and definitely a better author. It has also helped me to not feel quite so separate between teacher and author. I am more a whole person and feel a crossover coming between my author and teacher lives. It feels good to have less duplicity.