Early to Rise

The problem with getting up at 6AM on a Saturday is that there are very few people up to talk to...of course, since I usually do some of my best writing at this time, I also can list this as a benefit to getting up at 6AM on a Saturday...

People call me crazy for getting up this early when I don't have to...well, people call me crazy for a LOT of reasons, but let's stay on point here, shall we? I have always been an early riser...when the sun's up, I'm up...time's a wasting...up and at 'em

There is a calm at this time in the morning that doesn't exist when the world is awake, and I enjoy that calm...I find peace in it and that peace creates some pretty strong writing. It is easiest for me to get into a good writing zone when I am in that calm...where I am simultaneously aware of the world and not at all aware of the world, and there is peace...and it is a frenzied pace from my head to my hand, from the pen to the paper, but ironically, there is also a calm through the frenzy.

The problem comes in when I forget that my day started before other peoples, and I text people and then frown at my phone because no one is talking to me, and then I look at the clock and cringe and hope my text did not wake them. If I have contacted you at this "ungodly hour" my utmost apologies.