End of a road...

Jan 20, 2017 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
I find myself standing at the end of a road...I decided in May of last year that my teaching career needed to come to a close. I had been questioned about my integrity one too many times because my percentage of adults who didn't pass my course was too high...the implication being that I am a "bad teacher" when the truth is in fact I am a very good one...one who feels the sting of every single "F" I have ever given out...did I not do enough? Could I have pushed harder? Did I push too hard?

I have cried at every graduation I have been to...every graduation except the one I attended last year...last year I just felt numb. My 20 years in the field have put me through every emotion possible...every emotion except numb. I have never been numb...and to feel it at one of the greatest days of the year in the education world...I knew there was a problem.

The world of education is changing. It has changed over my 2 decades in the field, of course, but the changes I see now are not ones I can bend toward, as I have done for countless other changes.

12/31/17 will be my last day as Ms. Sodaro, my last day as a "teacher," my last day in this role I have played for twenty years of my life.

Last month I self-published my 6th novel. I am going to self-publish 4 more this year. Clearing projects off my plate. Making room for new ones.

I don't know yet how I will pay my bills in 2018...I know I will have a job. I know that it will be 40hours a week. Clock in. Do my job. Clock out. Go home and work on what makes me feel alive. One day I will pay my bills with my books...and until then I will do whatever I have to do.