Feeling good...

So last week, my muse was feeling very overwhelmed. I know this is true because one of my horoscopes said, and I quote, "your muse is feeling very overwhelmed right now" and who can argue with that...okay probably a lot of people, but regardless of your thoughts of horoscopes and/or muses, both were extremely true for me last week...they are slightly less true for me now.

So last week, my muse and I were hanging out at the corner of Overwhelmed and Lack of Patience and we were doing our very best to smile through our non-creative tasks and the small talk and time spent away from projects. I never mean to be rude, but I do have things on my mind, projects and novels and such, as is the gift/curse of any writer.

It happens every year about this time because all I can see are the sand in this year's 'hour' glass and it's running low and there are projects to finish and things to do.

2015 has been an odd year for me and the starts and stops caused by people and events that were not always entirely my choice or in my control, as well as those things which were my choice and in my control, made it difficult to get into a true rhythm with my author projects. My full-time job and my picking up two separate part-time jobs (well, really one, since Target lasted only a week and a half...just long enough to get a story idea) require my time and attention which also sometimes makes it a challenge to stay on track with my still-forming author life.

I am not making excuses. These are facts -- things that have needed time. Through the events of the year, there are now fewer things that require time now and possibly in the future and I am very happy to fill those hours with writing and editing.

The last two weeks of the year, I get as close to a break as is possible in my current life, and my muse and I are looking forward to seeing how much can get done. First and Foremost is finishing Redeeming Trust (so much of everything that happened, occurred between June and September, which was the time slotted for Redeeming Trust to get finished, so I have been playing catch up the last 2 1/2 months.

There are also projects to get ready for 2016, where I get to flip the 'hour' glass over and start fresh. there is much to do to get ready...and I'm an excited to dive right in and get going. This weekend helped because I got things done, writing done...so I am feeling much less overwhelmed to face the week. Let's do this.