First Down Update

One of the hard parts of being a "grown up" (I figure it's only fair I put that in quotes since I tend to put them there for the kiddos I teach) is the financial part where the I have to pay for this has to come before the I want to pay for this. I have been working on a balance of my have to's vs. my want to's (it's very middle-child, ego --in the ID, ego, and superego trilogy, Gemini me) where there is an equal as possible a balance between the two parts in regards to resources (money) and schedule (time) since there is a finite amount of both money and time. I have pared down my budget and am working on paring down my schedule so there is more consistent, daily work on my novels.

The game plan was to have First Down out in October (of which tomorrow is the last day) and Stealing Second out in December. Money-wise and schedule-wise, this would have put me behind farther than i could handle. I do have bills and a full-time teaching job I need to take care of on a pretty regular basis. SO the schedule has shifted to get First Down out mid-Dec and Stealing Second out in February (which makes more sense with their respective sports as well as keeping a roof over my head and a job which keeps giving me paychecks) It also gives me time to get First Down right -- not just out.

I have been feeling very rushed where First Down was concerned and as badly as I want this series started and out in the world -- I also want it solid. I don't believe in the perfect draft -- I don't really believe in a "perfect" anything, but I really want First Down to start off the Lucky Charms series on its best possible foot. I want my readers to love First Down because of the story and the characters, not just out of loyalty to me. So I slow down and get it right. You'll thank me for it, patient reader.

And yes, I know there will come a time when the deadlines are not self-imposed and therefore not so bendy -- but by then author will be my full-time job and someone else will be paying to click send.