Friday Mornings at a coffee shop

Mornings are the best time for me to write. Monday through Wednesday this is not possible as I am expected in Lenexa for my teaching gig, so I write in the evenings. Thursday I work from home and always try to do some writing before I log in. (To my students, I would like to say 'you're welcome' as writing keeps me balanced)...Friday mornings I also do some writing. More than I did on Thursday, usually not as much as I will do on a Saturday and/or Sunday.

Friday mornings, I try to have only a few hours of work left to catch up on. I try to stay focused long enough on Thursday to make Friday an easy breezy 'catch up/clean up' day so I can get to my writing. (trying very hard to keep balanced between my two passions. I am truly blessed to love teaching and writing both).

My ideal Friday morning, is coffee in my cup, Pandora in my ears, pen and paper playing nicely together. Peace and harmony in my soul. Music in my ears and coffee in my cup and all is right with this world and at this moment, I am calm and focused. I am amazed at the beauty and blessings that surround me.

Writing on Friday mornings is a guilty pleasure of mine, because it reminds me to be grateful for my flexible job. It reminds me to say thank you that I am not "at work"  today and am able to grade assignments and discussions at my leisure rather than at a set time. It reminds me to count my teaching job among my blessings and to always take advantage of the opportunity for writing time on a Friday morning.

I like to do my writing time on Friday mornings at a coffee shop where I can observe the busy pace of people coming and going to their offices and such. While I am relaxing with music in my ears and coffee in my cup. I don't say this as a 'haha you have to go to work and I don't' but as a "I really like to observe the hustle and bustle of life" so I can put that in my books...because as we all know...absolutely everything a writer experiences is potential fodder for a book.