Getting it all the way done

Jun 14, 2015 by Michelle Denise Sodaro
"Here's the secret to finishing that first book. Don't rewrite as you go." Lauren K. Hamilton Absolutely. Hands down. Some of the best advice I have ever learned. There are people who write a chapter, then edit, then write a chapter, then edit, etc. I could never make any actual progress with this start-stop, traffic jam approach to writing? It works for others and I think that is great for them. But knowing me...I would write chapter one and then edit chapter one and then edit chapter one and then edit chapter one and never actually get to chapter two. So I really take Laurel K. Hamilton's advice to heart and I just keep plowing through--knowing my rough draft is going to be rough, but if I don't stop to look at exactly how rough it is, then I can keep the magic alive in my head. I can get the novel through one more chapter and one more and one more until I get to the point where the rough draft is "done" (which is usually at or around chapter 30). Then when I go through and revise I get it to the 40 chapters plus an epilogue. Getting it to at least 30 chapters before I edit or even read it, it gives me a strong idea of what my novel is growing in to. I learn my characters and their story. This process works and I have learned to absolutely trust the process.