Getting Ready for NaNoWriMo 2015

Yes, I know it's May, and I also know that NaNoWriMo isn't until November, but my calendar seems to be in fast forward mode. This year my NaNo project will be called Don't Let Go and was inspired by the simple image of two young girls holding hands and jumping into a pool (this was when I went to visit my parents in Florida this past February).

Last year three things contributed to my first successful NaNo:

One was having multiple scheduled writing times with Lisa Mandina, where we kept each other accountable.

Two was having an "outline"for Driven West so I knew at least the general direction of where I was going.

Three was the random prompts I had written before hand for Driven West. (Monica Wood has to editions of The Pocket Muse which have prompts for every day of the year and are amazing tools.)

I didn't end up using all of the prompts I had written for Driven West, but they helped me with character development and progression of the story. Anything that keeps me thinking about the story is a good good thing. What better way to get to know the people I am writing about than to put them in random scenarios and write them through it.

"You're packing a suitcase." Ooh...where are they going? Who is doing the packing? Is it the one leaving or is someone packing for them? Is it their choice to leave? Are they leaving or coming home? Is this a happy packing? A tear-filled one? Bittersweet? So much can be learned from just this one little 4-word prompt.

So in order to have NaNoWriMo 2015 be at least as successful as NaNo 2014, I need to schedule writing dates. I need to work on an "outline" and I need to work on some random prompts (my goal is 30 by the time November gets far, I have two...). The prompts I write to only end up being maybe a page or two, but they are making plot lines happen and getting me to know my characters without distracting me from Broken or Redeeming Trust or Lucky Charms series or my blog...or my teaching job...or my other projects.

See why I need to start this now??? :D