Grateful for: Reflection

I thought this was an appropriate note to end this month of gratitude I have spent a lot of time in reflection this month.

The classes I teach now have reflection journals and I emphasize to my students that  it is a rarity in life (though it shouldn't be) that we take the time to pause and really reflect on what we learned, what we experienced, what we feel.

My NaNo project was a reflection on pretty much my entire life...and while I only got about 1/3 of my NaNo accomplished this year in the time frame of the competition, I am still counting it as a success. And it will get worked on, to be published this time next year.

I need to spend some time reflecting on my reflection...working through some issues that writing my NaNo has brought to the surface. Things I have packed away in boxes for far too long and now, when I am on the edge of this enormous change in my life...that I need to work through and figure out. Who am I? What am I doing? Yesterday in a meeting the question was asked to the group, "Where do you see your career in a year?" Where indeed...

SO I am grateful for reflection...and will clear off some of the dust off the boxes in my mental attic...NaNo is done for the year, but my work is far from over on this project.

Take some time, reflect, think back, think forward, explore ideas and feelings. We all have time to reflect and grow. Promise.