Grateful for: the Jeep

I have wanted a Jeep since I knew what cars were, and like everyone who loves Jeeps, I always figured I wanted a some off-roading, take the doors off and just go crazy. (I may or may not have grown up watching Dukes of Hazard).

A trip to Utah last year proved to me that I like guardrails and concrete...and civilization (you can take the girl out of the Chicago area, but you can't take the city out of the girl).

Also, given the fact that I am allergic to most of the outdoors, I should probably at least pretend to pay attention to that...not that I ever drive with my Jeep's windows up (unless it is raining or snowing and then I do so in protest).

So I am not the Wrangler type...but the Patriot is boxy like the Wrangler and has the feel of a Jeep...and she's perfect for me. She fits my author life perfectly.