Grateful for: Trying New Things

Yes, I know...I had to read that one again too...this is MY blog right? And I'm grateful for trying new things? Did I type that right...but yes, yes I did.

In the last few months, I have tried three new things...which is 3 times more than I have tried in most years prior.
  1. Guacamole -- most of you who know me, probably know I have an issue with food and textures...and if a food is too busy texturially speaking (it's not a word, but it should be) I avoid it...add that and it's a color that reminds me of my least favorite part of babysitting (I am trying to say it without saying it, folks)...and really poor guac never had a chance for me to try it.
  2. Sushi -- So take texture issues and add in "unknown" foods and those who know me probably understand why I have avoid this food for 41 years. Words like "raw" and "seaweed" have never been sales pitches for food for, again, sushi never really had a chance with me.
  3. Typing my first draft -- So...every paper, short story, poem, essay, novel, etc. I have ever written, I have handwritten my first draft. I love the feel of pen on paper, watching my thoughts appear in ink as my hand moves across the paper. It has been as natural to me as breathing. It also takes one extra step because then I have to type what I have written (or get typed by others, when I can) and this can take time.
The first one I tried because a friend had spent all morning making this beautiful colorful and fresh...and it had Jalapenos in it, so I couldn't eat it. SO when he made guacamole and said, this will be fine because it has no Jalapenos, how could I be that rude and NOT try it. So, I did...and it was amazing!!!!! The texture and the color still bother me...but so much deliciousness.

The second one...well, there are three people in this world who can get me to agree to just about of them used her powers to get me to go to Chucky Cheese...TWICE...and one of them used his powers to get me to try a Vegas Roll (which was cooked salmon and no seaweed that I could see...and I didn't ask questions about what was in it...I just grabbed my chopsticks and shoved it in my face.

The third one...a fellow writer challenged me to do NaNo this year...on the computer first. No writing out my whole rough draft. He made the point that I've completed NaNo 3 of my 4 years and that it wasn't really a challenge for me to write a novel since I have 5 of them self-published and like 6 more that have first drafts done. I couldn't make a counter argument, so I am trying it. I will say it is nice to have the word count done for me, but I haven't gotten in as good of a writing zone as I do with pen and paper. Also I edit...something I don't do while I am writing by we'll see. I won't let go of my notebooks...but maybe for other non-fiction projects, this will be an option. I do love options..