Grateful for: Vacation

So the past nine days, I have been on a vacation from the world of teaching. I did this because,'s the November of a very long year and some time away was needed. I also took time in November because, well NaNo...and while it is unlikely I will get to 50K in the next 9 days, it has been an amazing project to work on, just more emotionally exhausting than I thought. Turns out it's hard to reflect back on two decades of life. I also worked on Stealing Second (from the Lucky Charms series), so I wasn't lazy, just multitasking, as usual.

It's been a good bit of time off, but now it's time to finish this year out as strongly as I can and get 2017 off to the start that the year deserves...since it will be a rather monumental year for me.

I'm glad to have a job to come back to...but am so so so so so grateful for the time away.